Monday, June 21, 2010

You don't need a header

When your head looks like hers:

Okay, okay, so we've already covered this beaut, but can you blame us for wanting to post more?!

So this here bloggy post is dedicated to 'Anonymous' who left a comment asking us to cover Deschanel's style.

Lalalala this is the picture we're going off of. Roll with me here, okay?

1. A sheer METALLIC lace top (can you believe I was able to use those 3 words successively?)

2. Uber cute black tank with a touch of lace

3. Snake! skin print shorts

For a grand total of Zooey Deschanel meets vintage cute. VoilĂ !

And last but certainly not least, the ring.

Alright folks, I'm going to get back to jamming to the Rocket Summer and Something Corporate and all of those other high school bands because I'm in a (high)school's-out-for-summer mood.



Victoire said...

omg, I need those snakeskin shorts!!

ariane said...

She is so gorgeous!

Bec-Star! said...

[500] days of summer = style icon for me!