Thursday, June 24, 2010

Beard Braids?

So I was sitting here daydreaming, when low and behold a man walked passed my shop with a beard braid??  I know crazy really .... it was sticking straight out from his face in a very strange manner.   So I asked myself, are there other men who follow this trend?  Google Image results answered this puzzling question for me:

1)  Of course Johnny Depp in Pirates of the Caribbean (No photo needed)

2)  Many, many freaky looking punk/goth dudes (Again too frightening to include photo)

3)  But then I was pleasantly surprised to find Brad Pitt included in this group:

4) Lastly I found that girls could create the look of beard braid too:

So in conclusion the average man should not attempt to rock the beard braid, it is not a good look, unless of course you are a pirate, Brad Pitt, or a girl on halloween!



ariane said...

yeah... Johnny Depp definitely pulls it off best :P

Bec-Star! said...

I love Dlisted's name for him - Billy Goat Brad! hahaha!