Thursday, January 29, 2009

Young Janes Top 10

When you visit Young Janes, you'll notice certain themes running throughout the shop!  So we've decided to give you an idea of what we love, a list of those things in the world that make us ever so happy to be alive!  We hope you'll agree...

#1  Birds

They are just beautiful, inspiring creatures.  They are delicate and elegant, and if there is a bird on anything, I just have to have it! In fact a bird will be my tattoo in a couple now you can see the extent of my love for our feathery friends!

Which brings me to :

#2 Feathers

Once again, the feather is everywhere!  In your hair, on your clothes.... In fact the image of a feather can go almost anywhere!  If you don't already have a feather hair accessory, then go out and get one now!

#3  Lace

Vintage clothing invokes a feeling of romance.  And lace is huge part of that.  It is delicate, and intricately made, and no wardrobe would be complete without it.  It adds texture, and originality to any outfit!

#4  Ruffles

I have to say, that all my friends know that if an item of clothing has ruffles on it, then it is sooooo me!  I do admit that my motto is: "Everything is better with ruffles".  Once again sweet and it!!

#5  Cats
This is my baby Chloe!  I have always been a cat lover, to the point where I once worried that I might end up alone with a hundred cats!  Well I no longer have to worry...I am happily married with only 1 cat!  Pheww.....but none the less the image of a cat is prominent here at Young Janes!!  Mon Chat J'adore

#6  Deers and other woodland creatures

We've all seen the trend.  T-shirts, lumberjack shirts, wolves, bears....they all rock.  Guys, take inspiration from Flight of the Concords!

#7  Vampires
You gotta love Vampires!!  I think they went through a bit of a lull after Interview with a Vampire, but they are back in full force!  Twighlight:  the best thing since sliced bread!! I have literally never been so obsessed with any books/movie before ever!! If you haven't already gotten into it, you really have no idea what you're missing!  And lets not forget True Blood:  Also based on books, this HBO drama is totally addictive....

#8  Indie Music
 Natasha Khan, of Bat for Lashes, is just one of the many inspiring musicians you'll hear playing while shopping at Young Janes!  Don't hesitate to ask if you like what's playing.  Many of these female vocalists have the most original style, we could all take a hint and try something new, and avant guard. 

#9  Horses

Figurines, Prints or paintings for your wall, jewellery, printed t-shirts, embrace em all!  Let the free spirit of the horse inspire you in some way.

#10  Braids

They are the perfect solution to a bad hair day!  The possibilities are endless.  You can wear one long braid, more than one braid, turn a braid into a bun, or pin them up Heidi style!  The choice is yours, just play around with them, and you'll see!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Spotlight on: Vintage Hair Accessories!

Bad hair days happen way too often, and can make even the best outfit seem like just a pile of rags! Next time you feel a bad hair day coming on, make your way over to Young Jane’s! Our increased stock of vintage hair accessories is sure to solve any hair dilemma!

A quick way to update any outfit, our hair accessories are one size fits all and easy on the wallet; a real wardrobe hero!

Here are our top picks this week at Young Janes:

This oversized white lace bow is right on point with the romantic trends of the season. Clip over a low ponytail or bun for maximum effect.

white lace bow hair clip


This sheer red hair tie adds a feminine touch to any ensemble. Wrap around a high ponytail and let the soft material flutter down with your hair.

red hair tie


This falls Prada’s runway was abundant with stylish turbans. Recreate the exotic runway look with our thirties inspired polka dot turban.

navy blue turban with white polka dots


For a classic fix, our thin red headband with gold detail can be used to pull back hair worn up or down!

red and gold vintage headband


Come into Young Janes today to see our full stock of vintage hair accessories and choose the one that is right for you!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Love is in the air!

Hey guys!

Looking at the calendar one is sure to realize Valentine’s Day is less than a month away! The thought of Valentine’s Day may evoke exaggerated eye rolling for most of us, but this year instead of mocking the lovebirds of the world lets join them!
However icky or romantic this February holiday may be to you, use the excuse to dress up in the prettiest outfits you can find and send some fun valentines!
Make this Valentine’s Day one to remember without love overload by choosing a more sophisticated and classic approach to romance. This season is all about velvet! Instead of horrifying strangers with head to toe pink and hearts, evoke an aura of romance in the soft and feminine fabric of velvet.

Here are our top 3 velvet valentine’s picks from Young Jane’s!

Introduce velvet into your wardrobe by layering a vest over a long sleeved top or dress.
black velvet vest
Pair this sexy strapless dress with pantyhose and pumps and you’ll have no problem finding a Valentine’s Day date!
crushed velvet strapless dress with silver detail

Nothing says feminine more than a black velvet dress with crinoline. You can’t help but feel like the prettiest girl in the room in this dress!
black velvet party dress with crinoline
If you do happen to be a sucker for hearts, pair these gorgeous gold and red heart earrings with any velvet piece for a truly valentines day inspired look.
vintage red and gold heart earrings

Don’t forget to send something to that special someone! Check out our Vintage Valentines Day Cards!
We have much more velvet, jewlery and romantic fashions in store so come check us out!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Sparkle into the new year!

Happy New Year Ottawa!

One of our '09 new years resolution here at Young Janes is to always keep our blog up to date with the latest ideas and newest prouducts for all you vintage lovers! Im sure this is one resolution we can definitely keep!
Even though the 'offical' holiday season is over, doesn't mean we must lose our festive sense of style! Instead of slipping into the winter blahs drink lots of warm tea and let your wardrobe keep sparkling!

Here are some of our newest arrivals at Young Janes sure to keep up a holiday spirit!

Continue the sparkle even after new years with metallics. Neutral enough to be worn with just about anything, let silver shine in your wardrobe!

Keep winter glamour alive by layering a formal piece, like this tuxedo vest, over something more contemporary. Menswear inspired pieces like this form fitting vest look great over a feminine blouse or loose dress.
Tuxedo Vest
Size small

Cold weather doesnt mean frumpy dressing! A long black metallic turtleneck over tights with leather boots is a hot look in this cold season.

Silver/Black long top

size small