Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Spotlight on: Vintage Hair Accessories!

Bad hair days happen way too often, and can make even the best outfit seem like just a pile of rags! Next time you feel a bad hair day coming on, make your way over to Young Jane’s! Our increased stock of vintage hair accessories is sure to solve any hair dilemma!

A quick way to update any outfit, our hair accessories are one size fits all and easy on the wallet; a real wardrobe hero!

Here are our top picks this week at Young Janes:

This oversized white lace bow is right on point with the romantic trends of the season. Clip over a low ponytail or bun for maximum effect.

white lace bow hair clip


This sheer red hair tie adds a feminine touch to any ensemble. Wrap around a high ponytail and let the soft material flutter down with your hair.

red hair tie


This falls Prada’s runway was abundant with stylish turbans. Recreate the exotic runway look with our thirties inspired polka dot turban.

navy blue turban with white polka dots


For a classic fix, our thin red headband with gold detail can be used to pull back hair worn up or down!

red and gold vintage headband


Come into Young Janes today to see our full stock of vintage hair accessories and choose the one that is right for you!

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AFitz said...

That first one is beeeeautiful; I hope this bus strike is over soon so I can come visit!