Thursday, November 19, 2009

Artist Inspiration

Frida Khalo

I have been so smitten with Frida Khalo for years now!  She was such an original and beautiful artist, who pushed the boundaries in every aspect of her life.  She overcame so much pain and tragedy, and her paintings are lovely and grotesque in the best way possible.  I can't believe how amazing her style was, she wore bright, vibrant hues and patterns, and she never cared what anyone thought!  how lovely are her head pieces?!  We could all take style tips from Frida.  Oh, and lastly any woman who can rock the ladies mustache and monobrow is ok in my books!


Anonymous said...

there's something extremely eerie yet alluring about her painting The Dream (The Bed). Check it out, it'll definitely make you think...


Melissa Rae said...

the last sentence made my day