Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Young Janes Turns 1 Year Old!!

Time certainly does fly when you're having Fun!! Thanks to all you lovely Friends out there, we have flourished and grown over our First year!  and you aint seen nothing yet.... this is just the beginning!  Come celebrate with us......

When:  May 15th ~ Friday
Time:  5 - 9 pm
Where:  203 Dalhousie St.   (You know!)
What:  Tons of Surprises Sure to put a Smile on your face!

xox Young Janes


AFitz said...

Argh I am so so sad I can't go! This is what I get for living in Toronto. I was there last year when you opened!
I'll be seeing a lot of you this summer!
xx fitz

AFitz said...

ps let me know if you are ever looking for employees because i am in ottawa for the summer and need something to do. obviously blogger is the best way to go about this...