Thursday, April 23, 2009

Ode to Janes with Tremendous Tootsies!

You know what they say about girls with big feet?? ... they have big Hearts!  So why, oh why, do these lovely ladies have to suffer through life struggling to find footwear that actually fits!  Well not to worry my friends, because Young Janes is here for you all!  

These gorgeous Gold Leather Italian Sandals are what inspired my Ode to big feet!! They are so beautiful, I can't wait to see the joy they bring to some special girl! YEAH!

Size 11

Next up we have this awesome pair of Cowboy boots...sure to bring out your inner cowgirl!  YeeHaw!!

Size 10 ~ $68

Here, we have sweet red leather wedge sandals.  Perfect for any girl about town!

Size 10 

Now for the indie kid in us all!  These white kicks are perfect with their "Sunny" embroidery!

Size 10

Here we have an alternative take on the Original Cowboy boot.  With their tall chunky heel these babies are right on the mark!

Size 10

These textured blue shoes have the perfect cowboy heel!  The perfect everyday shoe that goes with every outfit.

Size 10

These black booties have the best Corset detail!  

Size 10

These purple beauties speak for themselves!  The snaps, the zippers?!?  Sometimes I wish I had big feet!

Size 10

Here we have these gorgeous rainboots.  So classic and sophisticated, perfect for spring showers!

Size 10

Check out these white heels with cute multicolored polcadots!! Every girl needs a pair of white shoes for the summertime.

Size 10 


Leah Grace said...

What a score! It always seems to me that vintage shoes are made for size 7 and under! I'll be in later to see if they fit as they are supposed to!

m!ka said...

I absolutelty NEED those awesome black booties..
They make me think of The Horrors.. (the band)