Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Young James?

Don’t be fooled by our girlish moniker, Young Jane’s has lots to offer the male vintage lovers of Ottawa as well as the ladies!
(Ladies, this means you can bring your stubborn male counterpart out shopping without worrying about the dreaded male shopping eye roll!)

Our men’s section located at the front of the store is crammed full of awesome vintage sweaters, t-shirts, dress shirts cardigans and jackets!

Don’t think we forgot about you boys accessory wise either! We have vintage suspenders, ties and the occasional bowtie for you well dressed fellows!

Come see the tougher side of Young Jane’s!

Keep warm and stylish in this mens lumberjack plaid jacket.

Vintage Yves Saint Laurent is an amazing piece in any gentlemans closet.

the ultimate casual vintage sweater, wear with old chucks for added vintage vibe!


AFitz said...

I am a chick and I want all those shirts, specially the last one.

Anonymous said...

love the first