Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Spring Things!

Even with the snow lingering on the ground, here at Young Jane’s we continue to think spring! New spring treats are arriving fresh every week so come take a peek!

We were so inspired by our new spring items that we have decided to create an ode to spring to showcase them all!

Here are a few of our favourite spring things!

$34 (-25) ~ Size S
S Sales!
With the changing seasons comes the changing of prices! Hurry in to take your pick at our select sale items at 25% off! This thin knit sweater is a perfect piece to transition into spring!

$24 (-25%) ~ Size S
P Pale colors!
Spring is the time to bring color back into your wardrobe. Start with pale colors and get more colourful as the temperature rises! This pale green blouse is a wonderful spring essential. Light enough in color and fabric to be perfect for spring, it can also easily be paired with the black winter pieces we can’t seem to change out of just yet.

$36 ~ Size S
R Romance
Spring is an exceptionally feminine month, a time when Mother Nature gives birth to new life and the world feels renewed! Carry over the winter trend of romance and all things girly into spring. Think white lace, ruffles and girlish bows! This gorgeous lace shrug adds feminine flair to any outfit!

$28 ~ Size S
I Imagination!
Without being bogged down with giant winter coats and bulky layers we have the chance to get really creative with our clothes! Show off in whimsical patterns and follow your imagination for your spring wardrobe! This gorgeous skirt is a definite store favourite! The painted flowers add beautiful detail to the soft skirt. I dare you to not feel beautiful in this piece!

N Necklaces!
Smaller pieces of jewellery like these necklaces add a feminine soft feel and are perfect for spring!


G green !
Winter has been a wonderland of all white, but it is about time we see more green! As the snow melts and plants start to blossom, green will be everywhere we go! Get into the vibe now by adding green to your wardrobe - start small with an accessory like this green suede belt!  You'll also be Green by buying Vintage and recycling!

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Chloé said...

Mika! I loveee the lacy shrug...where do I find one?

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