Saturday, September 8, 2012

Some new contestants!

Too much is never enough

The Sandbanks gurs have a new member?
This look is the perfect example that you shouldn't hesitate to accessorize.
They were wiling to match different patterns together, bright colors and more!
See what may happens when you dare to try?

Hi, Shelbie!

Hispter-summer look? Nothing easier! 
Simply put on little boots, a wood necklace, a hippy-ish purse
 and don't forget the high waisted shorts.
How lovely!

PS: pieces still available

Cheer up for team work!

Partnership in creation?
Émilie & Rebecca team up to create this cute school girl look.¸
A classy black skirt, black purse and black shoes with a little red punch.
Who knew this funky blouse could look classic?
PS: pieces still available

Mysterious Annabel

Here's an outfit by a 9 year old girl!
Never to young to have great style !  

PS: pieces still available

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