Sunday, February 20, 2011

Love or Schmove

In the spirit of Valentine's Day, and the spirit of the two sides; those joyfully stuffing their noses into a big bouquet of red roses and those wanting to punch random strangers engaging in PDA because who needs this stupid Hallmark holiday anyways? I give you:
Top 5 Vintage I Love Love songs/Top 5 Vintage I Hate Love songs playlist: the most disgustingly adoring and bitterly lonesome anti-love songs of all time!
1. Like Someone in Love - a song about acting like a complete fool - you may notice people of this description wandering the streets all googly-eyed today
1. Black Coffee - Sarah Vaughan:  the sexist lyrics aren't even the bitterest part of this gem
2. Angelina - Louis Prima : Louis checks out a waitress at a pizzeria: and it's love
2.  A Fine Romance - Billie Holiday :note: the title is sarcastic
3.  Today - Jefferson Airplane : this song is so romantic that in the live video the cameraman actually falls in love with Grace Slick...or he must have, because she's the only thing in the video despite the fact she's not singing lead vocals
3. It's My Party - Leslie Gore :  If your Johnny has lurked off with a Judy, this song is for you
4. Cheek to Cheek- Louis Armstrong/Ella Fitzgerald: Nothing's more romantic than a little Ella and Louis
4. Please Please Please Let me Get What I Want- The Smiths: Life's hard when you're Morrisey in love
5. That's Amore - Dean Martin: So cheesy that when my mom hears it, she says "Oh Brother!" 
5. Good Morning Heartache - Billie Holiday : A melancholy song to end all melancholy songs
There you have a it folks, a couple songs to get your V-day rituals started, whatever they may be!
YJ xo

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