Sunday, September 12, 2010


So as so many of us know ..... thrifting can be like a drug!  From the time that I was a little girl my mum would take me to Vallue Village to peruse isle after isle of possibilities.  The possibility of finding the next ultimate treasure!  You know what I mean ladies, it becomes such a crazy addiction!  Thankfully opening Young Janes gave me the perfect excuse .... I get to thrift to my hearts content!  

What's the most exciting thing you've ever found thrifting??

xo YJ


Bekah said...

totally agree with you!!!!! well just a few weeks ago i found a ralph lauren blazer for 10$!!! i freaked out!!!

Alicia said...

Vintage 1940's Yves St.Laurent blazer, at the Value Village on Cyrville no less!

Iman. said...

I love Value Village! I bought an amazing velvet vintage bag for $4 and a gorgeous Zara shirt for $8 :)

A.Co said...

YES!! It's soooo true!! I've become addicted!

My best find? A real leather (pencil) skirt in black that fits me like a GLOVE. :D

A.Co @ A.Co est. 1984

Erika said...

Nothing will ever beat my first trip to the Salvation Army near Carling and Kirkwood. That day I picked up the following:
1. A vintage Christian Dior sky blue, velour zip-up
2. A royal purple Ralph Lauren, v-neck wool sweater
3. An adorable,little old school Adidas zip up in banana yellow
4. A super fitted, full length tan suede jacket with a fur trim and big tortoise buttons.
Total cost: $30

Oh - and an amazing pair of bright blue, sateen high heels from YJ :)