Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Style Inspiration Today

This girl is so effortlessly cool.  Her hair is perfectly messy, plus amazing layers of clothing and jewellery.

I love that this long retro maxi dress has been given a modern twist 
with this cute, fitted jean jacket.

Keeping it simple never looked so good!

Perfect Fall look!  A chunky knit sweater and black lacy tights are getting me a little excited for the leaves to fall (but not too soon....)

I know I've talked about mixing prints before, but how cute is this outfit!  I really want to perfect this look, and start taking more chances with bold prints.  


Anonymous said...

all these are so cute! great job finding these :)

ariane said...

Definitely in love with that first picture. Such great styling!

Bec-Star! said...

The first and the last pictures are my favs!