Monday, January 4, 2010

Cheerio old chaps

Hello friends!! I'm back from England loaded up with goodies galore to share with you all.   This Spring at Young Janes it's all about Florals and Pastels.  While in England these were my favorite looks ...... especially the new collection at Topshop!  Everything was so lovely, I wished I could buy it all!  Well of course we can never have everything our heart desires, but not to fret, because I've brought back just enough for everyone! 

here are a few of the looks from Topshop's new collection that are getting us Super Excited!!  :

So Come on by and check out Young Janes new U.K Collection ..... lets start dreaming of Spring!


Anonymous said...

When are you putting out the things you've brought back? Are they already out??

Anonymous said...

Are you saying you HAVE these dresses???

Young Janes said...

no those are just the inspiration!