Thursday, December 3, 2009

Boy ~ Girl Bands

I've realized recently that I have a real passion for Boy//Girl musical duos!! I feel it offers such a rich mix of  the male and female perspective, and especially when they harmonize it's like they become one intricate voice.  Long gone are the days of having to choose Girl Bands, Boy Bands, why did they become so cheesy??  Anyhoo, here is a round up of Young Janes Top 5 Choices for you to check out!!

1) Angus & Julia Stone

I'd say that Angus & Julia Stone is like my all time favorite band!  I know that's saying a lot isn't it ...... From the first time I listened to them I knew they were special.  Their songs are hauntingly beautiful, to the point of goosebumps!  And just look at them ..... have you ever seen a more beautiful pair of siblings!    
Ps. They're also Aussies!  The obsession continues .....

2) An Horse

So since my last post about this Aussie musical duo, I've seen them play live in Ottawa!!  Of course now I'm even more blown away by their talent.  And Kate Cooper was so sweet and adorable, I could have eaten her all up!

3) Slow Club

Yes I've already mentioned this duo once before .... And believe me they're worth a double mention!  If you didn't take my advice the first time, then maybe second times the charm!

4) The Brunettes

These Kiwi's are my newest discovery!  I love them, their melodies are so catchy, that from first listen I was totally hooked!

5) The Swell Season

Alright so we've all seen the movie Once right?? If you haven't, then go rent it now!  It is the most touching and beautiful I think I've ever seen.  The music these 2 make together brought teas to my eyes it was so lovely ...... I mean it go now!

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