Friday, October 9, 2009

Ways to wear and more!

The Young James boyfriend shirts!

Young Jane fell asleep snuggled up to Young James cozy and warm one Autumn's eve.. In the morning she awoke and realized her Young Jane's wardrobe is sadly left at home! But do not fear! Borrow from your beau's fabulous selection of plaid button-up shirts he got from our men's fall selection at YJ. Oh! The outfit possibilities!

The Sweetheart

This adorable sweetheart
neckline gives you a delicate vintage look. Tuck the collar inside the shirt and button as if you're putting on a strapless button-up shirt around the bust. Tie the sleeves around the waste in a cute bow to show-off your lady curves!

The Bow

Cute, comfortable and simple! Button just underneath the bust and double-tie sleeves in the center of the chest to create the bow top!

The Twist

Roll up those sleeves and criss-cross the unbuttoned shirt. Pair with a belt to keep it all closed up and pair with a demin jacket, leggings and accessories. You got yourself a 1960's inspired dress!

What's new in store

We have a unique selection of fall coats to go with any style. Here are YJ's fav picks, come by and feel fabulous trying on our beautiful blue leather jacket, classy corduroy with elbow pads and vintage 50's tweeds!

And don't forget, this year fall is pretty in purple!

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