Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Handsome Furs Shop Young Janes

Yesterday I was having an average boring day,  when who did I see peering through my window....?  The Handsome Furs!!  Their performance at Blues Fest on sunday was awesomely energetic and inspiring.  What other duo do you know who can fill a huge stage with their immense sound......   and then I was lucky enough to have them shop in my store!!  Alexei Pery bought the cutest Floral denim fitted jacket, which I hope one day will appear on stage, and a peach hair bow.....what did I tell you ladies, get em while they're hot!  After they left I was on cloud nine all day!  They were still in town waiting for their visas to tour Asia, how cool is that?

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WoodStu said...

I'm driving from Calgary to Halifax in a month's time.. and am making a for-certain stop at the Byward Market. My bro is in Ottawa, so I'm using him as a place to stay so that I can satisfy my vintage habits! Hope to be peeking in your window next! See you in August!