Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Flower Power

The 90’s are back and better than ever. It started slowly with the grunge inspired plaid we all wore this winter, now it’s coming in full force for spring. Bright colors, distressed denim, doc martens – think Kurt Cobain and Courtney Love for your spring style inspiration.

One 90’s trend we here at Young Jane’s can’t seem to keep in stock is country floral. Those feminine floral frocks mom loved when you were younger are back, and this time we actually want to wear it!

Whether worn in their true feminine form or mixed into a grunge inspired look, spring is all about floral! Bongo floral denim skirt

floral belt

floral wallet
Come take a look in store for more floral dresses, vests, purses and acessories!

90s floral in action thanks to !

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Victoire said...

So glad I scooped up that skirt!